Event Coverage

ALSTAR EMS provides two types of event standbys, those that are dedicated and those that are not.  Dedicated standbys usually are those where an event organizer is required under law or by insurance policy to have an EMS provider on site.  Sometimes that could be one EMT with an equipment bag such as for a hockey game.  Or it could be a full ambulance crew such as for car racing or football games.  ALSTAR EMS charges fees for dedicated standbys as we pay employees to come in and cover these events.  Non-dedicated standbys are usually community events where a number of people may be gathering and there is no requirement mandating EMS on site.  In these cases ALSTAR EMS will position an on-duty ambulance at or near the site – but they are subject to being called away to handle other ambulance calls.  When available they would return to the site.  Organizers are made aware our ability to be at their event is totally subject to ambulance call volume.  There is no charge for non-dedicated standbys.

Some of the stand by events we have covered include…
• City of Jamestown Labor Day Festival
• Southern Tier Express Hockey Games
• Jamestown Jammers
• Chautauqua County Fair
• Soap Box Derby
• Lucy Town Half Marathon, 5K and Kids 2K
• Lucille Ball Comedy Festival Grape Stomping